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Tenant FAQ

Am I required to have Renters Insurance?

Tenants are not required but are strongly encouraged to obtain Renters Insurance to protect their household goods. Your decision, yes or no, does not impact our Firm or the homeowner / landlord. Although Renters Insurance is recommended, it is not enforced or tracked by RHE Property Management.

How can I make a maintenance request?

Visit the Maintenance Request page to submit a maintenance request online.

How can I pay rent online?

You can pay rent online through your tenant portal. 
Click here to be directed to the portal login page.

How can I renew my lease?

You will be contacted at least 30 days prior to lease expiration about your renewal.

How do I request a portal password or change my portal password?

You can request a portal password from the portal log in screen or call our office at
(772) 519-8535 during business hours and a Support Team Member can assist with your request. When you request a password, an automated email with a system generated password and link to log in to your portal will be sent to the email address RHE Property Management has on file. The system generated password is case sensitive and should be typed exactly as shown in the automated email. If you have tried to log in multiple times from the same browser and are unable to access your portal, you may need to clear your browser’s history/cache before attempting to log in again. 

To update your portal password while logged in to your portal: From the My Account page, click the Change Email and Password link that appears in the My Contact Information section. Make appropriate changes and click Save when done.

How do I set up my utilities?

The Utilities page on this site will provide you with links and contact information for
county utility providers. Unless specified in your lease agreement, utilities at your rental property should be transferred into your name on the start date of your lease term.

I am not renewing my lease. How do I submit a notice to vacate?

You will be contacted at least 30 days prior to lease expiration about your renewal.

I’m moving out before the end of my lease. Do I still have to pay rent?

We do offer a buy-out clause on our leases but you are bound to your lease term as stated in your Lease Agreement. If you choose the buy-out option, it must be approved by the property owner, If you vacate before the end of your lease term, you still have an obligation to pay your rent as per your lease agreement.

What is the procedure for vacating my property?

Begin by submitting your notice to vacate. Your property manager will then contact you to begin the move out process.